Do you own a property you’d like us to consider adding to our portfolio?

We’re a dynamic company with a great brand and a renowned reputation in the world of luxury holidays most notably in the French Alps and the South of France. We’re always on the lookout for new properties to add to our range of fully staffed luxury holidays. It’s crucial to our clientele that we only offer beautiful holiday accommodation in the most stunning surroundings and as the home owner, you are the life blood of our success. You are at the core of our business and it is how we view and treat you that makes us very different.

There’s a reason our partners enjoy working with us and that’s because we understand that you want the best return possible from your home away from home when you’re not there. Through experience, we recognise that you want the least amount of hassle and welcome transparency and efficiency.

We understand that every partner of ours has different levels of involvement which is why we believe in tailoring an approach with you that fits your expectations.

Why trust White & Blue to manage your luxury holiday home

24 hour response line
English company with local knowledge
Total transparency
All costs included into a simple and clear
Management contract
Weekly Cleaning
No surprise charges
Committed to looking after your best
Award winning Service
Higher Rate of Return On Your Property
Mutually agreed fair pricing structure
Damage excess of up to £1m covered by us
Peace of mind - your second home is being looked after to the highest standards

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